A Returning of A One that Must be Loved II  2017

    { INSTALLATION }    

    A multi-media mini installation of

    { A Returning of A One That Must Be Loved I }

    Shadow • Story

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    Three major parts: the well, sea monster rotator, child puppet

    Installation Process

    • Sound starts, the well projects watery light on the ceiling; sea monster rotator rotates, projecting shadows of its face and figures.

    • Sound will hint the calling of a mother; child installation appears from the ceiling.

    • Sound will give traces of the child dodging, running, and the house collapsing; child has his tears dripped (bubble).

    • While tears (bubble) is flowing, the well starts to project graded colors out to the space.



    Preferably a rectangular white space, 3-4 m x 3m (possibility to have ceiling be a triangle church shape)


    Technology & Equipment

    Arduino, Python, Raspberry Pi, motors, drawings, sound design production, 5.1surround sound system, model building


    What means end of the world? Losing all the savings in a casino downtown Los Angeles? Loss of a close friend? An embarrassed emotional breakdown in public?


    The end of world—however we want to define it, it is the background this story is setting on, which I presents with 8 paintings describing visual content and details of the story, which in this case, is the landscape collapsing: sea monsters reveals its face with terror, trees breaking branches, human falling down as the land sinks lower than we ever imagined, lava gushing out the volcano like the tumor of this world is growing to cover the last piece of health body part…However, a songbird has spotted a lost child curled up himself in all this chaos, waiting for his mother to come, his naive voice echoing all around but with no response. His last drop of tear falls down his right face, flows over the rubble and broken souls, slowly but surly landing in its place called home.


    What is home to you? A house? A fire pit? A trusting lover? Or just a feeling of security and peace? Everyone has different definitions to it as well, however what is certain is that everyone desire to feel such an emotion, it is instinctive, and it is one of the things that makes this world magical. A pure emotion gives human strength, endless encourages or even selfishness, for example, the mother who used her arms to protect the children in an earthquake. That pure emotion is the magic point that lights up the “worlds” we are living in.                    


    Concept & Motivation:

    A Returning of A One That Must Be Loved uses sound/music to give clues of the happening scenes; with water lights projected out from the well to set the secretary ambience of the end of the world; the sea monster rotator is a passenger for subliminal emotions and feelings that buried deep inside human’s minds, which can explode anytime; the child puppet calling its mother, dripping tears as the desire and hope for love that every human deserve to have. The Installation drives to give such a voice to the world: each inch of honest emotions is the power of souls, it walks to pick up the broken fragments of hope, and it calls to plant seed in warmness, and gives out a mirror for self-explanatory therapy.