Lane Shi Otay:onii is a Chinese born interactive multi-media performer and sound artist residing in Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016, she has been on 8 tours including a 14-city China tour, 7 U.S tours with Boston experimental band Dent and Elizabeth Colour Wheel. Later in 2016, she devoted herself to mountain chest singing in different languages and dialects, sound designing, performing, and multi-media interactive art. Her solo multi-media exhibition Naked Winger was presented at Stovefactory Gallery, Charleston, MA; sound works for CrowdArt interactive exhibition was presented for months at 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China. In the same year, she started her solo project under the artist name Otay:onii, followed by full - length albums, local performances and music festivals. Her self-direct music video Shaoxing Nomad was premiered in Floated Magazine, selected to be featured in numerous film festivals such as Rome Prisma Film Awards, Istanbul International Experimental Film Festivals, Independent Talent International Film Festivals and many more. Starting in 2018, her journey of building characters in written story in automation forms began, she would be performing with her creations on stage in fall 2019. It is her calling to hold passion, creativity and sensitivity close to her heart, and express them in ways that birth honest and impactful interactions.

    "My task is to solve a puzzle with another puzzle that can't be seem, be touched, but to feel."


    Awards & Honors (Selected)

    2019 Paris Lift-Off - Official Selection - Shaoxing Nomad

    2018 Rome Prisma Film Award - Semi-finalist - Shaoxing Nomad


    2018 Independent Talent International Film Festival - Finalist - Shaoxing Nomad

    2018 Istanbul Internationla Experimental Film Festival - Official Selection - Shaoxing Nomad


    2018 AMII Work Fest - Award Winner of Best Sound - Therapy Room

    2018 American Track Music Award 2018 - Award Winner of Best Independent Artist - Dent - So Red

    2018 Global Music Award 2018 - Award Winner Bronze Prize of Best Female Vocal - Dent - Sorrowful Seed

    2018  Logcinema Music Film Festival 2018 - Award Winner of Best Original Song - Sorrowful Seed

    Global Music Award 2018 - Award Winner of Best Lyric/Songwriting - So Red

    2017   ReAnima Animated International Film Festival 2017 - Best Music Video - Sorrowful Seed

    2017   Aug. LINOLEUM Festival - Official Selection - Therapy Room

    2017   Jan. Seoul International Cartoon & Animation - Official Competition - Sorrowful Seed

    2017   Jan. Berlin World International Film Festival/ ACT HRFF - Official Selection - Dystopia Rooms

    2016   Song Of The Year- Semi-Finalist- Dent

    2016   Dec. VOID - International Animation Film Festival, Copenhagen - Official Selection - Therapy Rooms

    2016   Dec. Berlin World International Film Festival - Official Selection - Dystopia Rooms


    2016   Nov. Barcelona Planet Film Festival  - Official Selection - Therapy Room + Dystopia Rooms

    2016   Sep. Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival - Award Winner- Dystopia Rooms

    2016   Feb. Holland Animation Film Festival(HAFF) - HAFFTube - Official Selection - First Breath

    2016   March. Laurie Anderson Award Women in Music Technology Award- Berklee College of Music Electronic

    Production& Design Achievement Awards Spring 2016

    2015   March. Laurie Anderson Award Women in Music Technology Award- Berklee College of Music Electronic


    Production& Design Achievement Awards Spring 2015

    2005   Oct. Certificate Grade 8 (top 9) Specialty Pianist - Arts Grade Examination of China

    2002   May. Hualian—Coca Cola Piano Contest First Prize-State Host China

    * Shaoxing Nomad film and sound by Lane Shi.

      First Breath, Dystopis Rooms, Therapy Room film by Qieer Wang, sound by Lane Shi.



    PointMotion (Boston based music therapy software co.), G.V.A. Creative (Hong Kong), Stephen Vitiello (sound/visual artist), CrowdArt (NY/Beijing Interactive Art Studio)

    Selected Press

    Boston Globe, Boston Hassel, Allston Pudding, Yoho Girl(China Innovation magazine), East Coast Sentinel,

    Travel Weekly, News Universe


    2015     Naked Winger Solo Exhibition, StoveFactory Gallery, Charlestown, Massachusetts

    2017     OFF-OF sound artist for Interactive GIF project by Qieer Wang, Biggercode, Soho, NY
    2017      Voice talent on Whether There Was a Bell or Whether I knocked exhibition by Stephen Vitiello at ICA,Virginia Commonwealth University

    2018       Sound artist for New York CrowdArt Daydreaming exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

    2019      Automaton Alive  performance  closing reception for LONGING exhibition, Chameleon Gallery, NY
    2019      Automaton Alive solo performance show, Wonderville, NY

    2019      Sound composer, editor and performer for Carol Szymanski show "He Said I Thought", Bar Laika(e-flux), NY


    I am just a mirror


    show you who you are


    And that for who I am