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末日孩儿 |装置

1. Sea monster
2. Human digrace
3. Destroyed 8/22/2015
4. Lava
5. Volcano
6. Last Child
7. Last Trace
8. Drip Home



The end of the world comes, however not to pave this world with grey and terror, but to find the last drip of pure emotion and give the colors back to earth--


The world crumbles into chaos of collapsing landscape, burning natures, unprepared despair in human minds, betrays in subversive horizontal scale of a family, bodies are glimpses of flare, love as ephemeral peak of emotions swinging elegy in the wind, last words the hope in helpless hand that there to cradle, all broke inside the fountain of what we had become and now ashes we remain to be untouched.

1. Sea monster finally reveals his existence for the first time as well as the last, a greeting but yet a goodbye to earthlings;

2. tree struggles to get out of the earth atmosphere, a human tries to grip on its branch as his will is firmed to hope; 

3. at the other corner of the atmosphere is the face of a human burning to ash slowly, he gives out his last deliberation;

4. human curses and squander form into a large tumor, gushing out lava beneath the sea monster, yet the last stump stands still as he is not afraid of death again;

5. volcano has sent its last wish and the song bird brought the good news: "we find it, we find it, look!" ;

6. A lost child curls up like he/she/it is now back in the womb, closing eyes and ready to be gone with this world, a drip of tear flows down his/her/its right eye;

7. it passes the ashed ground, rivers through rivers, broken hearts to hearts;

8. until it gets home.

Effect Draft



A trans media installation consists of rotating visuals, moving puppets, and prototype musical pieces—all related to one story, expressing emotions through 3-4 minus story-telling installation.



Realize the story into a live action show with iridescent landscapes fuse with music and puppet.



Rectangular shaped white room.



Iridescent paper, regular transparent paper, ink paint, 4 speakers, engineered /programmed motors, bubble machine, 1-2 projectors.



Action I: Audience will be standing in front of the installation, 4 panels of regular transparent paper rotating around a circle, each panel has different abstract ink figures, as these 4 panels are rotating, you will see some figures between a pair of panels superimpose together into a non-abstract character in the story, however they will be “torn apart” as the panels continue to rotate. In the meanwhile, different segments of music pieces will be coming out the 4 speakers to sync up with the panel movements.


Action II: when the music continues to a certain part, there will be a puppet appeared in between the rotating panels (all panels stop when the puppet appears), and the puppet will call softly for his/her/its mother (from the speaker), and a “tear drop” (big bubble from the bubble machine) will rise and travel in the air


Action III: as the bubble rises up, all 4 panels stops in positions where they map the abstract figures into the landscapes and characters in the story, projector(s) starting to project on the panels with colors, as if the colors been given back to the world.



What means end of the world? Losing all the savings in a casino downtown Los Angeles? Loss of a close friend? An embarrassed emotional breakdown in public?


The end of world—however we want to define it, it is the background this story is setting on, which I presents with 8 paintings describing visual content and details of the story, which in this case, is the landscape collapsing: sea monsters reveals its face with terror, trees breaking branches, human falling down as the land sinks lower than we ever imagined, lava gushing out the volcano like the tumor of this world is growing to cover the last piece of health body part…However, a songbird has spotted a lost child curled up himself in all this chaos, waiting for his mother to come, his naive voice echoing all around but with no response. His last drop of tear falls down his right face, flows over the rubble and broken souls, slowly but surly landing in its place called home.


What is home to you? A house? A fire pit? A trusting lover? Or just a feeling of security and peace? Everyone has different definitions to it as well, however what is certain is that everyone desire to feel such an emotion, it is instinctive, and it is one of the things that makes this world magical. A pure emotion gives human strength, endless encourages or even selfishness, for example, the mother who used her arms to protect the children in an earthquake. That pure emotion is the magic point that lights up the “worlds” we are living in.



This story holds a big passion for people to feel the simple beauty in life: a little flake of wish, desire for love. Because it seems that in our daily life, there is more complains than praises from us or around us. Maybe one day the earth will be gone, but our mental health/balance has long gone before that. This installation is driven to realize the Utopian possibilities emerged from the dystopian balance of daily life, like taking the broken dreams and indifferent emotions/faces/minds of people into a tunnel, the other end it comes out the smiling children. What is been given in the tunnel?


—The answer is: hope &desire to hope

*This installation will be pitched to grants and galleries. Contact here if you would like to contribute any resources.

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