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Anime Scoring for "Utopia in Dystopia"

A Collaboration addressing the mental disease phenomenon among eastern social structures.

"Dystopia Rooms" is exhibited in Meyerhoff Gallery, Baltimore, MD. from 4/1 - 4/10.

"Best stop Motion Picture" Award Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

"CIAFF-Gravitational Wave (2016) Finalists"

Film: Qieer Wang

Sound: Lane Shi

Utopia in Dystopia:

"In Asian culture, people are more group-centric and less individually focused. It is believed that the public 's collective view is superior to any individual's opinion in both cultures, people with 'abnormal' behavior or psychiatric disorders are often stigmatized stereotyped, discriminated against, and threatened by society. Yet in a group-centric society, being seen as different is a large problem than in an individualistic society, and as such, these people can suffer from conditions of self-absement and self-doubt, further perpetuating the discord" -- Qieer Wang


The work is a way to present the idea that the 'illness' needs to be undertood and knowledged; people who suffer from the disorders should be respected and themselves approaching the energy in a different way and perhaps, transforming them into values that futher express their individualities that could not otherwise.

Animation Set-Anxiety
In the Gallery
Gallery Setting
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