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Flower of Observation                           2020

Interactive website project

Observing, self as a narrative

A state of monologue

• a Monologue out of all

The internet opens the gateway for us human to accelerate from a Type 0 into Type 1 civilization according to Michio Kazu in his scientific hypothesis. And we are here now, living in a time when the differentiation between reality and fiction is unclear, standing on a spot where the consciousness of defining our own roles and functionalities is blurred out intentionally, with this capital machine running day and night, even in dreams.

Let me clarify, capitalism is a practice, an experiment, and always a trial to all who practices or participates in willingly or not, border-lessly and nation-lessly.

The US election is coming near again, under this so-called “democratic approach” or “anti- fascist” regime, it is difficult to answer whether the knot starts to entangle single-handedly within the system above or also among the people below and after. Some said with self-congratulatory attitude that all the ghosts in cyber society retain their freedoms and comforts. But who if not with the support of capitalistic practice can master the cyber skills with knowledge in all these tech wares such as smart phones, computers, apps? If we ought to include the population lived in extreme poverty into our conversation and human race? It is perhaps during those digital simulations and cyber participation and personas that we have already anticipated our involvement as the new teeth in the technocratic cyber wheel gear, content and secluded in the utopia fiction wrapped inside a dystopia reality, declaring that we are victims while being accomplices simultaneously.

This web work accents on the role of self assessment through the process of putting these three pre-selected subjects {Intention}, {Experience}, {Honesty} in order. The simulator is inspired by the evolution of one of the most primitive languages music, and the 2020 panning mixing techniques in audio production. By putting the three subjects in order, participants will get different music/audio files accordingly. The website provides a platform for the cyber generations to experience “the act of choosing” through clicks and results, proposing the significance rather in observing oneself as a part of processors than the outcome of choices, with an attempt to acknowledge the dystopia caused by our goal oriented saturation through the interactive conversation the website designs to navigate and communicate. This is a collaborative work, coding from c1t0_ba5h.

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