Muted Jiji | Interactive Installation  2018


Muted Jiji ” is an interactive installation that is about a child who insists a moment of "conversation" - talking with the doll call "Jiji". When Jiji was gifted to me,  she/he/they have been brutally crusted: dented chest, no arms, one leg goes through the bottom part. In order to make a notice of such experience of Jiji. Sewing a new arm, and building device and a button inside her hand became an agency for the interaction. Audience pushing the button will activate her "heart" to blink to a sound source, and the only one leg will be the sword she carries on the back, with colored and shaped symbols of nonreturnable environmental/trauma effects of Jiji. This installation encourages conversation between Jiji and the audiences in attempt to deliver private self reflection in a light weighted platform and presentation.


Later Muted Jiji was exhibited in group show "Whisper 局部振动" in Mountain Store, Chengdu, China along with four other artists adjusted the topic about environmental/experiential effects to children throughout growing.