Naked Winger | Multimedia Installation  2015


Naked Winger • Introduction
{ Naked Winger } is an interactive multimedia installation consists of visual, sound, and heart beat sensor that aims to shed light on the human bodies experience on stress. In this 5 minute experience, audience's heart beat will be triggered to control two panels of visuals made of words that are related to stress; and the front panel will be a video that sheds manifesto from the artist's torso, along with quadraphonic system of music composed, synced and enhanced. This piece is meant to release the inner stress caused by a huge mission, belief, pain of a sudden tragedy, etc. Heart sensors will be the interface to monitor a person’s stress level in real time, the changes in heart rate will transform various sounds within the collection, which gives a aural presentation of stress enduring level, the process underlines the importance on self reflection and the conversation inside of oneself about discipline and release. Code by Daniel Galindo.

Naked Winger • Manifesto video
The manifesto video is divided into a 3 departments: here comes weight, drape and hesitation, naked winger. These 3 videos focus on the discourse of stress in its preforms, the psychological movements forging different paths, and the encouragement in the consistent practice of overcoming, which eventually beaming into a frequently walked path.

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