schi:zo:phre:nia   2019

    jump rope dance between strings: a painting duet installation


    This piece is a chasing and wrapping game of schizophrenia, from conditions and genes it establishes, coming into the reality as the influencer, and the post influenced reality coming out of it as the new reality, here address as influencee, developing while being developed, and the cycle continues.  The concept is manifested by a set of performance featuring Chinese jump rope dance with painting duet installation, in which the 2 paintings are linked by red jump rope strings, and the dance carries on on the top of the strings. Chinese jump rope dance is an after school childhood game usually played by 3 or more people, it underlines the cycle described above, and the dance symoolizes the inter - impacting routine of the influencer and influencee. The painting on the top is the original reality, the one below is the new reality.

    painting duet installation   x   performance