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Shaoxing Nomad | Music Video  2018


Shaoxing Nomad

{Shaoxing Nomad}  is dedicated to the song "Shaoxing Nomad" in solo album [ NAG ] released the 2018. The song and the video are both made with sound and footage recorded and shot during the journey I came to the U.S alone at the age of 16 and traveled around the globe.  This video tales a ghostling who was on the pilgrimage to find virtues that would live up to the testing of time and chaos. Those virtues are drawn on poker cards:

The rose in the crystal cube is a representation of the secret sacred part of each individual. The music video has been selected as the finalist for the Independent Talent International Film Festival, a semi-finalist for the Rome Prisma Film Awards, and official selection for the Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival and International Sound and Music Festival.

{ Motherhood( roots and attachments) }

                      { crane ( freedom and detachments ) }

                                             { Butterfly ( the trivial and delicate ) }

                                                                    { Lotus ( in search of beauty from ash and muds) }

                                                                                            { with flower ( to give beauty ) }

                                                                                                                     { ( Chinese character “claw”, to behold ) }

                                                                                                                                               { 诚 ( Chinese character “honesty”, build a castle on honesty ) }

(for those who cannot visit vimeo, please visit here instead)

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