Shaoxing Nomad | Music Video  2018


{Shaoxing Nomad}  is dedicated to the song "Shaoxing Nomad" in solo album [ NAG ] released the 2018. The song and the video are both made with sound and footage recorded and shot during the journey I came to the U.S alone at the age of 16 and traveled around the globe. "symbiotic" sights of the world constantly challenges me to think and shape independently. In this music video, I had used metaphorical contexts to express the determination searching or creating a world based on the various virtue I find true to, presented in visual figures drawn on poker cards:

The rose in the crystal cube is a representation of the secret sacred part of each individual. And all of those immaculate virtues and ritualistic values that one sets up are constantly being tested, especially during the time of chaos, revolutions, and disasters. The music video has been selected as the finalist in the Independent Talent International Film Festival, a semi-finalist in Rome Prisma Film Awards, and official selection in the Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival.

{ Motherhood( roots and attachments) }

                      { crane ( freedom and detachments ) }

                                             { Butterfly ( the trivial and delicate ) }

                                                                    { Lotus ( in search of beauty from ash and muds) }

                                                                                            { with flower ( to give beauty ) }

                                                                                                                     { ( Chinese character “claw”, to behold ) }

                                                                                                                                               { 诚 ( Chinese character “honesty”, build a castle on honesty ) }

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