NAG • background

    In 2013, I was traveling for the first time to Niagara falls NY. It was once a land with native Americans establishing their civilization with the worship of the fall. But today it had became a tourist site that was ticketing to the entries of gentrified electronic hula hoop and led fireball dance performed by the remaining native American descents. I was attracted by a flute playing far away from where I was standing, traced the sound I found a vendor with the flute player. He saw me from a distance and waved his hands. I came close to chat with him, immediately he asked:”May I choose a name for you?” “Sure” I said. “Otayonii! It means blue wolf. And my name is Koda, which means bear in my language.” [NAG] inspired by the name otayonii, and constructed a fiction fantasy exploring the relationship between the polar opposite sides of a subjectivity.

    NAG • Story
    Otay was troubled by the nature of negativity and the aggression and self harm that it comes with. In an effort of getting rid of it, O has tried numerous ways but failed with confusion. Later received a dream: a red plate swirling down and morphing into drooling beak creature. Otay woke up, saw a letter by her left ear side--

    To otay:

    For a complete rid of darkness, light, too, rid.


    Otay then sank a set of bow and arrow into a dead dear, waited for vultures to finish the flesh. Then O runs 2052013 miles to the top of a mountain, take the bow and shoots the sun.
    The album manifest the idea of the inseparable relationship between the two extreme opposite sides such as darkness and light, despair and hope, hell and heaven, etc. The determination of expelling oneself from one of either sides usually takes the effort of deviating oneself from both sides psychologically and physically. And the question is proposed: what happen to otay after the sun is down?

    dark jaw 3000.jpg

    7 Yearster is a single track album released in 2016 under the solo project name mother of fuck I love, later changed into otay:onii. The track used samples/resamples technique for drum beats and ambient patches. Besides vocals, these recordings are all low-fi phone collected during these 7 years living in the U.S. first as student, later as “aliens of extraordinary ability" from 2009 -2016. The track resembled a sense of change and growing, most prominently shown in vocal performance, along with deliverance to the issues of race and cultural conflicts and value differences in the middle session drone tone. It is rather a sound journal than musical composition. The album cover is taken of the bottom of a rustic year-around used fried pan, later being digitally edited for textural alliances.


    (photo taken by Sam nandan He)

    {Molelipop: lick it when it's benign} is a single track album released in 2019. A live performance played, sang, layered, sound designed and sheered by otay:onii, recorded by sasha patsfall at artifact studio, maspeth ny.

    This 20-minute track is a continuous performance of songs written by me from 2010 to 2017 and an improvisation bridging the timeline together in memory of the soon-be-gone mole on my chest.

    Since 5 years old, this mole has been part of my body, starting as a sesame print, it grows bigger day by day and now it is a half-centi diameter oval shaped circle.

    It has no physical impact until recent years that it begins to shimmer inward pain as if 3 pins are digging into the skin for 4 seconds, this usually happens twice a week. To prevent canceration, I have decided to remove the nevus as soon as I get back to China, the whole event therefore contributes to the title of the track: Lick It When It's Benign

    Score/Sound Design reel