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{ Unwrap! } 包裹之外




British scholar Bloomfield explained that the center and outer edges of the mandala ⊙ symbolize passiveness and activeness, and the ╋ (cross formed by five small circles) pattern that extends from the center to the four directions symbolizes the wisdom that appears in it. The more complicated expansion from the ╋ shape to the outside is an infinite symbolic trend. "The periphery of the mandala is painted in the shape of a lotus flower, representing the surrounding surface of the universe. When practicing meditation, the believer will observe or personally see the lotus flower open in his heart, and magically unfold until it becomes a flower of the universe.  You will find that this shape appears repeatedly in all other circles, so that every Each circle becomes a symmetrical diagram of a larger plan view to which it belongs. This is the sign of the mutual influence of everything in the world and the unity of the big world and the small world.



We often found such scenario: A, an experienced elder talked to B, a smoking young adult. A seemed to be confident that his knowledge assets wraped B around like rectangle "wraps" square. However not even in a minute, B left.

A bubble-like wrap could construct a fortress where people can enter while facing the possibility of missing the light signals at the entrance or get lost at the exit. The "wrap" may exist in a myriad of shifting cognitive parallels, in a dimensional sphere of thought or volume.


Unwrap! is a performance that explores the process of this approaching to the unwrapped conscious states, catering moves before "opening this door", configured by sound and instrumental improvisations. There are 5 beasts characters who would performed with their individual "organ instruments", each carried their fatal character qualities which invisibly chained them in circles. A swing-able installation was built as the stage/performing platform. The performance used shadow to "draw" the boundaries of circles, each time when shadows overlapped, it would be time to "cross the border", underlining the power in the synchronization of mind and heart. In the end, beasts unlock the organ instruments , started singing while walking out of the circles.



1.Nose Blower

Powerless, blows nose (instrument) when embarrassed.

Key words: Timid, lies



Trap, Hunt using money and fame, has a quarter in left hand, and a flower in right.

Blowing trap call (hunter whistle, mouth piece) when hunting. Key words: Hunt, lure



Nervous, heart has a string, shaking heart when

feeling anxiety. Key word: Necrosis


Body is balloony,  stumps feet (metal percussion) when anger rises. Feather on da head, easily agitated by small matters. Key word: Anger



Scratching butts when having endless talks about nothing. Key words: Bullshit, farts



艺术家           Artist
施金豆           Lane Shi Otayonii       

策展            Curator
钱诗怡        Shiyi Qian

表演者        Performs
于尧            Yao Yu                          
胖虎安娜    Annah Shekhinah.       
汤宇泽        Yuze Tang                  
裸儿            Luoer                       

角色设计    Character Design
施金豆        Lane Shi Otayonii

服装制作及视觉    Costume Production&Visual
王芮                        Rui Wang

建筑师           Architect
林拓               Tuo Lin(TUW)

音乐               Composer
施金豆           Lane Shi Otayonii

特效              Sound Design
施金豆          Lane Shi Otayonii

调音              Sound Mixing
郑斐              Fei Zheng


Premiere performance took place in November 2021 at Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai, China.


Unwrap! at Ming Contemporary Art Museum

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