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Who's Not Broken?                         

Shanghai 2020

"The weakness is the exit of souls"

• Introduction

From a piece of broken mirror, a hand sticks out to be in front of the audiences. Besides it are dolls collected by me over the years, blinking their hearts when words are spoken. If “What’s Broken?” sheds light on the fragments of human history and authority, “Who’s Not Broken?” underlines broken parts in human beings, or beings of all kinds.

• Process

In early 2020, I did a piece of the same work in Brooklyn with all the dolls I collected during years. In late 2020, I traveled back to China and decided to do this piece again. This time I have collected more dolls near about my studio gallery artist residency in Shanghai. Along with

{ Who's Not Broken? Shanghai } are other pieces { What's Not Broken? } and an installation performance which I intended to create a conversation with these 2 pieces under the instrumentation of sound and dance.

• Within the piece

The creature found its voice was missing when it opened the eyes this time. IT felt the airflow from the nasal cavity, the vocal cord was gone. The world started to collapse suddenly, but IT sensed another world in silence, from that a little hand reached out, waved in the air. The air was not simply air and the body blurred its line of devotion, the soul slipped out of the gap. IT stepped into this silent world and never came back.

This piece will continue being one of the ingredients of the Mengpo Soup series.

Who's Not Broken?  Shanghai

(for those who cannot visit vimeo, please visit here instead)

Who's Not Broken: An Evening Connection

(for those who cannot visit vimeo, please visit here instead)

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